Africa Intelligence – Channelizing Efforts Towards Successful Peacekeeping

It is a well-known fact that good Intelligence is the foundation of good everyday decision-making. It is the proactive, planned and intelligence-driven operations of peacekeepers that lead to successful peacekeeping. Open sources and skilled analysis, rather than the so-called ‘covert’ activities, are the key to good Intelligence.

In a fast-evolving continent like Africa, the quality of life, the security of its people and the promotion of an internal and international climate of peace and stability are the focus and priorities. The underlying objective of African government is the creation of an effective, integrated and responsive intelligence machinery that can serve the Constitution and the government of the day, through the timely provision of relevant, credible and reliable intelligence.

Africa Intelligence, the first site dedicated exclusively to Africa for global professionals, aims to achieve the aforesaid goals in its entirety. It sources completely original, exclusive, first-degree information, based on the facts derived from direct sources, which is why readers can find breaking news and coverage unavailable anywhere else. The exclusive, strategic news and actionable intelligence it gathers is from five newsletters published by Indigo Publications, namely:

The Indian Ocean Newsletter: It covers the political and economic news of African countries of the Indian Ocean region, that is, Horn of Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa and the Islands. Due to the independence and reliability of its news, it has become the standard-setting publication for political and business decision-makers.

Maghreb Confidential: It takes a close and independent look at the political, diplomatic, and business circles of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), and brings reliable, relevant and exclusive news to its readers.

Africa Energy Intelligence: It is the trade publication of reference for the politics behind energy – oil, gas, and electricity in Africa. Its reports on concessions, contracts, corporate strategy and political lobbying campaigns are always fresh and can be acted upon immediately.

Africa Mining Intelligence: It has become a leading publication for mining operators in Africa. Its editorial team picks up its news directly from leading African officials as well as from mining firms in Toronto, Sydney, London, and Beijing.

Information that has been systematically collected, processed and disseminated to the right people at the right time enables more effective decision-making. It also supports a better understanding of the mission dynamics and answers questions like who, what, why, where, when and how.

With the increased realization of the fact that Intelligence plays a crucial role in domestic & foreign policy and strategic planning, governments, corporations, international organizations, universities, Medias and NGOs are subscribing to Africa Intelligence for the accurate identification and assessment of actual or potential threats, risks, hostilities, and crises that may affect the national security interests.

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