Africa Intelligence – Building Powerful Resources Worldwide

It is often said that Knowledge is power. Content that accurately communicates the right information is the key to this knowledge. The public security stakeholders constantly need to identify, understand and anticipate the potential threats to public safety and security. For this, they require the right information, at the right time, and in the right format. This also holds true for the business decision-makers; correct, timely and well-presented information empowers them and enables them to make informed decisions, take corrective actions to reduce costs and operational incidents, and improve productivity across the entire operation. 

Intelligence in Africa is experiencing a constant thrust towards the forefront of the global public agenda by radically redefined threat environments like political fundamentalism, terrorism, drug and human trafficking, cyber crime and international criminal rings, which place primacy on Intelligence capabilities. What is required is a system that brings a closer scrutiny, skilled analysis, and oversight. Recognising all such requisites, and the evolving challenges, Maurice Botbol launched Africa Intelligence, the first portal dedicated exclusively to Africa for global professionals. It gathers exclusive, strategic news and actionable intelligence from five newsletters published by Indigo Publications, with contributions from a large number of correspondents spread across the globe. 

Africa Intelligence is different from other business news sites that cover Africa on a sporadic basis; some of the reasons that justify this are: 

  • Africa Intelligence is able to offer unparalleled insights and intelligence on Africa; its publications specialize in diplomacy and international organisations, politics and politicians, business and business deals, and it also offers dedicated coverage on the energy and mining industries.
  • All articles on Africa Intelligence are entirely original and exclusive, based on information derived from direct sources.
  • Its publications are known for the intimate connections with the most influential people on both sides of the Mediterranean.
  • Covering Africa continuously for more than 3 decades, its editors are respected and sought out for their expertise. The publications are awaited impatiently in presidential residences, government departments and the headquarters of major corporations.
  • It is updated with breaking news and coverage unavailable anywhere else.

Africa Intelligence, along with its highly distinguished and sought after newsletters, namely, The Indian Ocean Newsletter, Maghreb Confidential, Africa Mining Intelligence and Africa Energy Intelligence, offer unprecedented and unequalled insight into the inner workings of Africa- its political power plays, struggles for influence and the economic issues at stake. Its extensive database contains archives dating back to 1992, and the site specifically supports advanced research for twenty-one African countries. 

So subscribe to the original, uncompromising and objective information on Africa, and get a complete picture of the resources, the people and the companies that shape the African continent!

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