The Ingenious Conduit For Africa Political & Business Intelligence

The importance of intelligence in the fortune of any nation cannot be overstated. Its existence or absence may spell the difference between victory and defeat. The fate of a nation may well rest on accurate and complete intelligence that serves as a guide for decision-making on policy and action. Actionable intelligence is mission-critical information that can be easily understood, used, and shared to improve performance and profitability.

Intelligence in Africa has undergone profound challenges and transformations over the preceding decades. There are renewed controversies over the role, strategic mission, and governance of Intelligence in the global arena. The behavioral norms and standards of conduct of intelligence services in Africa remain sensitive issues. Establishing and maintaining effective intelligence networks in a constantly evolving continent like Africa is vital to establishing their domestic and foreign policy and for building the right tools for national security and strategic planning.

Africa Intelligence is the first information system that is dedicated exclusively to Africa. It gathers exclusive, strategic news and actionable intelligence from four important newsletters, namely:

  • Africa Energy Intelligence: The trade publication of reference for the politics behind energy- oil, gas, and electricity in Africa.
  • Africa Mining Intelligence: The leading publication for mining operators in Africa. Its editorial team picks up its news directly from leading African officials as well as from mining firms in Toronto, Sydney, London & Beijing.
  • The Indian Ocean Newsletter: The standard-setting publication that covers the political and economic news of African countries of the Indian Ocean region, that is, Horn of Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, and the Islands.
  • Maghreb Confidential: The publication that takes a close and independent look at the political, diplomatic, and business circles of North Africa.

With contributions from a large number of correspondents spread across the globe, Africa Intelligence provides information that is original and exclusive, and is updated with breaking news and coverage that is unavailable anywhere else. Its publications offer unparalleled insights on diplomacy and international organizations, politics and politicians, business and business deals, and also on the energy and mining industries. In eschewing advertising, Africa Intelligence guarantees its readers, objective and completely independent reporting and analysis. As such, access to its articles is only available through subscriptions.

It is increasingly being realized that timely recognition of opportunities and threats, and making pro-active and thoroughly informed decisions determines success across all domains. Subscribing to the robust, reliable and vibrant publications of Africa Intelligence helps both government and corporate organizations to gather actionable intelligence that helps them to create strong competitive positioning, and also surmounting the strongest of opponents within a dynamic and evolving environment!

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