Get Unrivaled Insights On Africa With Africa Intelligence

Intelligence is information assessed to its reliability and validity, and interpreted in the context of what else is known. It is an understanding of events which can be employed by the end user to make decisions. 

The African continent is home to 54 countries and more than 800 million people. The intelligence sector in Africa has traditionally been viewed as a core arena of state security. Newsman Maurice Botbol founded the Indigo Publications group and launched The Indian Ocean Newsletter, with the intention of examining political power plays, struggles for influence and major economic issues in East Africa, southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. The group has put the first professional portal on Africa on line, Africa Intelligence, which encompasses all of the Indigo group’s publications on Africa. 

Africa Intelligence is the first site dedicated exclusively to Africa, gathering strategic news and actionable intelligence from newsletters like Maghreb Confidential, The Indian Ocean Newsletter, Africa Energy Intelligence and Africa Mining Intelligence. Africa Intelligence is different from other business news sites that cover Africa on a sporadic basis. It is: 

  • Comprehensive: With publications that specialize in diplomacy and international organizations, politics and politicians, business and business deals, as well as dedicated coverage on energy and mining industries, Africa Intelligence is able to offer unparalleled insights and intelligence on Africa. 
  • Powerful: If knowledge is power, then Africa Intelligence is more than just a web site. It is the first information system dedicated exclusively to Africa. Its extensive database contains over 80,000 articles with archives dating back to 1992. The site is designed specifically to support advanced research and allows in-depth search for twenty-one African countries. 
  • First-degree: All articles on Africa Intelligence are entirely original and exclusive, based on information derived from direct sources. 
  • Insider: The publications are known for their intimate connections with the most influential people on both sides of the Mediterranean. 
  • Timely: Africa Intelligence is updated with breaking news and coverage unavailable anywhere else. It has been covering Africa continuously for almost thirty years, and its editors are respected and sought out for their expertise.  
  • Crucial: The publications are often awaited impatiently, and sometimes rather nervously – in presidential residences, government departments and the headquarters of major corporations. 
  • Uncompromising: In eschewing advertising, Africa Intelligence guarantees objective and independent reporting. As such, access to its articles is only available through subscription.  

Together the site offers unprecedented and unequalled insight into the inner workings of Africa- political power plays, struggles for influence and the economic issues at stake. 

So subscribe to the most relevant and reliable source of news and intelligence on Africa, and get to the heart of what truly matters!

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