Building The Right Perspectives With Africa Intelligence

Intelligence is the tool used in the successful implementation of domestic and foreign policy. Decision makers take fullest advantage of the intelligence input in order to arrive at the most advantageous decision. In the modern world, intelligence to be relevant, must aim at providing timely, critical and sometimes unique information to warn the policy-makers about the potential risks and dangers. 

Africa, the continent of potential and possibilities, still faces enormous challenges to sustainable development. There is a growing need for dedicated and experienced intelligence services for ensuring better control and progress. Africa Intelligence is the first information system dedicated exclusively to Africa, gathering strategic news and actionable intelligence from newsletters like Maghreb Confidential, The Indian Ocean Newsletter, Africa Energy Intelligence and Africa Mining Intelligence

Africa Energy Intelligence is the definitive publication on Africa’s energy industries- oil, gas and electricity. It informs decision-makers on projects, policy trends, risk elements and finance. No other publication in the field has the record of delivering such a volume of accurate information as Africa Energy Intelligence, which draws its uniqueness and credibility from a network of correspondents around the world. 

Africa Mining Intelligence is the only publication devoted in its entirety to African mining. In a continent where personal relationships count the most, Africa Mining Intelligence draws on its deep knowledge of players in the mining industry and their personal and professional connections for its reports.

Maghreb Confidential brings reliable, relevant and exclusive news pertaining to the political, diplomatic and business circles of North Africa. With its rapid-fire style and concise articles, it allows readers to move forward quickly, and allows strategic decision-makers to anticipate the events of tomorrow. 

The Indian Ocean Newsletter is the publication of reference for political and economic news from East Africa, and is the standard-setting publication for decision-makers. No other publication covers this region of the world with the same regularity and level of exclusivity. 

Africa Intelligence is updated with breaking news and coverage unavailable anywhere else. Subscribing to its publications assists governments, corporations, international organizations, Medias, NGOs, with good governance, through providing honest critical intelligence. This intelligence online tells the global professionals, what they ought to know and not what they want to know!

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