Africa Intelligence – Bringing Unparalleled Insights On Africa

In this Information Age, there is no shortage of information; the challenge is to make sense of it. Because national security decisions are so important, the people charged with making them have an interest in obtaining the greatest possible quantity, and the highest possible quality, of intelligence and information. 

Intelligence is produced through complicated processes and purposeful effort. It involves the collection, evaluation, analysis, integration and interpretation of all available information, supportive to the policy- and decision-making processes, pertaining to the national goals of stability, security and development. Modern intelligence can be described as organized policy related information. Reliable information and intelligence allows policy-makers to face the unknown and best reduce their uncertainty when critical decisions have to be made. 

The African economy has gradually stepped on the dynamic road of development and there is a need to put up a little extra effort to set it moving. Oversight and accountability of the intelligence sector in Africa are becoming increasingly important. Africa Intelligence is a portal that offers independent, unbiased, up-to-date, objective and reliable news from five newsletters, namely: 

  • The Indian Ocean Newsletter covers the public and behind-the-scenes dealings between the powerful figures of governments and international organizations of African countries. It brings a close watch on business leaders and the companies operating in the Indian Ocean area- contracts, negotiations, partnerships, acquisitions and exclusive biographies of men and women who make the political and economic news in the Indian Ocean region. 
  • Maghreb Confidential takes a close and independent look at the political, diplomatic and business circles in North Africa, and reveals exclusive news and information. It helps to anticipate rapidly shifting alliances (political or personal) between men of power, in a region undergoing profound change. 
  • Africa Mining Intelligence is a leading publication for mining operators in Africa. Direct sources (African officials and mining firms) make this publication an authority on the major developments in the industry. 
  • Africa Energy Intelligence is the trade publication of reference on the politics behind energy- oil, gas and electricity. It has acquired a high-level readership, with readers being the key players in Africa- political leaders, diplomats, business leaders, high-level civil servants and more. Africa Energy Intelligence is vital to carrying out their day-to-day work. 
  • La Lettre du Continent (only in French) is a benchmark for ruling circles and business leaders in West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea countries. 

With its wide range of publications that are available in both print and on-line editions, Africa Intelligence offers exceptional insights on Africa, and supports advanced research for most African countries!

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